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Perspexangel Memory Tree Sculptures

Case Study 1 - Hospice of St Francis, Berkhamsted

Case Study 2 - The Peace Hospice, Watford

Perspexangel Memory Trees help Hospices, Charities and other organisations to raise funds with beautifully designed bespoke trees and wall sculptures.

There are quite a few more options these days for Memory Trees or Donor Recognition trees in the UK, following widespread popularity in the USA. It does seem though that many are standard designs which often have the same leaf shapes and other graded value options. This can give the impression of being a bit more off-the-shelf and formulaic. Wouldn't it be good to have a design that was a bit more collaborative and more bespoke to the character and ethos of your organisation?
The Peace Hospice team in Watford (pictured aside) wanted a phrase that they had chosen, to run across the outstretched 'arms' of their tree:
'When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure'.
The whole idea of remembering the names of those who had died in the hospice was key to the staff and bereaved families. The focus of the hospice movement is, after all, on care for the individual - 'You matter because you are you'.
The In-Memoriam Fundraising team at The Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted went for a bespoke tree, which was fitted to the stone wall by the window inside their chapel. A windswept design was agreed and populated with brushed steel leaves. For this design, short phrases were added to the branches to echo the words of those suffering loss, such as:
'forever in our hearts'
'never forgotten'
'cherished moments'
 And the tree has enhanced the atmosphere of tranquility in the chapel and has created a place of contemplation and remembering.

So when considering a Memory Tree or In Memoriam wall sculpture (that doesn't actually need to be a tree - could be a fountain or...?) then look to the heartbeat of your organisation and work with a designer who can reflect that in the design. When a tree is more identified with the ethos of the organisation, the people who work there are more likely to own it and promote it.
Peace Hospice Care Head of Fundraising Ropinder Gill said:

“Claudia was great to work with. We wanted a really bespoke service - to work with someone who would be responsive to our ideas and would really listen to our vision of how the memory tree could look. At the same time it was important that, with her artist’s eye and expertise, Claudia would give us direction and her own thoughts on what would work best. And this is exactly what we got - she was professional, thorough and a real perfectionist throughout"
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