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The Ramryge Angels - Perspex Bereavement Sculptures

Based in the Ramryge Chantry Chapel, St Albans Cathedral, the installation ‘Bereavement Studies’ comprises six Perspex sculptures which are lit from below. The sculptures have been hand etched and formed and depict the stages of bereavement as established by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. There are five suggested stages (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance) but Claudia believes that after Acceptance one can find Peace —which is the sixth sculpture. Each sculpture is set into one of six empty statue niches in the 500 year old chapel, that have been empty since the reformation. She is also interested in the use of such sculptural imagery for meditation and contemplation.

In December 07/January 08 the Ramryge Angels (as they became known) were purchased by the ‘Friends of St Albans Abbey’. They are therefore now on permanent display, as part of the fabric of the Abbey—something new within the ancient. The Ramryge Chapel also has the Cathedral book of Remembrance on view beneath the Angels. The Chapel has become a quiet and fitting place where loved ones can be remembered, and those visiting can be reminded that bereavement is a journey, however difficult, which can lead towards hope.

If you would like a set of the Ramryge Angel postcards, see the link to the right, they come in a card pack of six images with descriptive text on the reverse. The Ramryge Angel Sculptures are available to buy as commissioned sculptures in two sizes. Full sized angels are £320 each and small sized are £145 each. Please email if you are interested in purchasing Angel sculptures - a full set of full size Angels is the reduced rate of £1800 and a set of small Angels is £800.

Angels Tour

Claudia has embarked on a journey with the Angels which will hopefully see them appearing at other Cathedrals and Chapels around the country. They have appeared in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Gloucester, Worcester, Portsmouth and Rochester Cathedrals already. If you would like the Angels to visit a cathedral near you, then ask them to contact me! (The original set of Ramryge Angels will still be on display in St Albans - see the two images ahowing the Angels in their stone niches below).
There are video links to short footage of each Angel at the bottom of the page.

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To buy a set of Ramryge Angel cards for £3.99 inc postage for UK customers (£7.99 for USA) see below:
These Angels are amazing, they really spoke to me and gave me hope for the future. Thank you for sharing them with us. x

Sophie, Cathedral Visitor

Angel videos - click each box to view on YouTube
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